Friday, April 29, 2011

Positive Negative nd Neutral

Just by looking at the topic don’t think this is a topic on electrical engineering, but this is something that the total essence of our life is built upon. Consider the course u did in your graduation or school almost ninety percent of them would have come across such a concept.
If you are electrical or electronics major u would have read about this topic, if you are a commerce student in accounts we credit in one account and debit it in another. In mathematics and computers when we open a bracket we need to put a closing bracket, in economics you have supply and demand… and so on.
Have you ever wondered why there is such a common phenomenon, if you had read my last post on Humans making mistakes and how the imbalance between good and evil is balanced, this post will try to highlight some points which I promised that I will address in the forthcoming posts.
Life is all about Positive, Negative and Neutral. Have you ever felt that when you succeed in something in your life say your girlfriend accepts your proposal, u get some good marks in the exam, or when u move ahead clearing the rounds of a job interview or playing a great innings in a cricket match, that there is something positive around you. In life some people call this confidence, energetic, spark…etc in cricket we call it the form of a batsmen or bowler.
But its all about the energy around you, when a person does something good, his inner conscience feels happy and satisfied about it, this creates a high positive energy around him. This positive energy makes him feel even better, and he goes on succeeding in his life. Let’s take an example say a Batsmen like Sachin who has loads of experience and success in his life has a high amount of positive energy running around him. His training sessions his practices will make him feel better and enhance his positive energy, the same batsman plays fluently in the match until when he reaches his nineties. When he reaches his nineties there`s a fear of losing his wicket, which brings in a negative field around him which makes him desperate and he take ages to complete his century.
As per the above example some people might have a doubt that batsmen like Sachin, Richards, Gavaskar who had loads of success in life should be playing till now. The same energy concept applies here as a person grows old his energy level in body decreases so whatever success he had in his life his energy level should be high to compete.
The reason why we say this is an essence in life is because, when we do a mistake due to some negative field around you, even though you might not show your disappointment, in you inner conscience it will create a negative field. For example when a person commits a crime though he might look cool outside his inner conscience will prick him and make his feel that he has done something wrong and that will create the negative field and hence the problems.
To put in simple words the negative energy around you accounts to your Sin, and the positive energy around you accounts to your good deed. In various religious myths it’s believed that every each and every sin that a human makes is recorded and based on that his judgment day verdict is passed. Do you believe that is it possible for any supernatural power to track each and every activity of every human and animal in this whole world for every damn second? Even if that supernatural power is god he needs to Super-Duper to the highest order to maintain such a database and finally come up with a raw score of each and every sin and virtue.
I personally believe that all complicated problems or in other words most of the problems have simple solutions. Life is not so complicated with super natural powers and religious myths, its all about this simple concept of +ve, –ve and neutral. You do a good thing positive energy flows around you an good things happen, you do a bad thing or in religious terms “Sin”, negative energy flows around you and bad things happen. How many of you have seen people making mistakes end up eventually paying for those mistakes.
Like my previous post as you near the end of this post, many unanswered questions remain like
  1. Is this post encouraging atheism?
  2. If essence of life is so simple then what is god?
Answers in my next post. Hoping to hear your comments if any :)


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