Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Like most of the blogs across the world which has only very few posts and updated once in a blue moon, this blog has also followed the same routine till today. Hope I break this tradition someday.

When do you last remember a person doing a mistake in front of your eyes? Well the answers can be last week, last month, yesterday or some would say right now reading this blog ;)

We`ll just think about it in the person who had done the mistake, is he really made for doing this mistake or he is just reacting according to the situation. We`ll it’s all about the point of view, of each and every person. What may look good to you may look like a mistake to someone.

So whatever you term it as mistake will not be a mistake to others, a guy jumping the signal is a mistake for the police, but for the guy reaching the office late and getting scolded by the manager will be a bigger crime, which he does not want to commit.

Coming to the topic “IS IT A SIN TO BE BAD?”, let`s assume that Rajinikanth has cast a spell across the world and all the bad activities are abolished. Osama Bin Laden has dissolved Al-Qaeda and all terrorists have joined Red Cross or Missionary. All Naxalite organisations have been turned as NGO`s. The Governments of Israel and Palestine, North and South Korea, India and Pakistan have all become thickest of friends. There is no murder, no theft, no rape, no bribe, no fraud; people are following the rules and there’s no instance of a crime at any point in the whole world (Woo!!! this really looks like a climax of a Rajinikanth Movie).

Just imagine the above mentioned situation what would happen if such a situation arises, frankly speaking such a situation can`t arise and even if it happens, it cannot sustain for long. For example in such situation where there is no crime, the no of deaths reduces resulting in a population explosion. This means that there will be demand for limited resources, and the fight begins. Consider the fights that are happening in and across countries. Right from the dispute between Karnataka and TamilNadu for Cauvery to the Fight in Iraq for oil. It’s all for the share of resources, a robber needs to acquire money from the rich, Terrorist need to acquire their share of land from the government and so on.

So being bad is a part of the human configuration, Life cannot survive if the situation is purely good or purely evil. Life is a balance where we have good things on one side and evil on the other, for life to survive both sides of the balance needs to add some weights.

That’s the reason we have day and nights, summer and winter, joy and sorrow, roses with thorns. As Indians and Chinese give birth to more and more babies ;)), we have terrorists blowing down airplanes and deadly diseases taking lives. To maintain this balance kings and rulers had something called “LAW”. This law is the needle of the balance.

Hence next time when we see someone doing a mistake remember the words of Bhagavadh Gita “What has happened has happened for the Good what is happening is Happening for the Good and what will happen in the future will also happen for the good”

More than a Sin it`s a CRIME to be BAD.

As you reach the end of this blog, there are many questions unanswered like what if someone who makes a mistake and is not caught by law. How his imbalance in nature is balanced. Answers in my next post

Thanks for reading this lonnnnnnnng post. Happy to hear comments if any :D


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